Friday, August 6, 2010


We had so much fun doing that last contest that we want to do it again! But this time there's an added twist. After all, we want you people to prove that you love action figures, statues and the talented people who sculpt them. So what we've done is gather ten details of ten images of ten pieces sculpted by ten different professional sculptors. You need to tell us the character, the company and the sculptor's name for each, and the first to get all 30 answers correct wins. Some may be easy, some may be hard, but we have faith in you. 

The winner gets the Michael Turner-style Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd statue signed by co-sculptors Tim Bruckner and Tony Cipriano -- the only collaboration ever done between the Pop Sculpture author and contributor -- plus a poster of Tim's body of work (at left). Two runners-up will get posters, as well. Mail your guesses to, and check back next week to maybe get a hint or two. 

Below are the ten detail shots -- happy hunting!


  1. Hint please. I have all but one.

  2. I am Wall sculpturing artist
    New technique of sculpturing.