Friday, July 30, 2010


The DCD Dynamics line is one of the most gratifying of my career. I was able to explore an idea that began with my Prometheus statue from 2007. Being able to bend the style of the wonderful J.C. Leyendecker to iconic DC characters was almost too much fun. And adding little costume anomalies to a couple of them, felt like ditching school and getting away with it. I thought the line would be retired after the first six. But, I’m glad to say there’s a few more waiting in the wings. Sinestro, the first of the second wave of Dynamics, was previewed at San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. This was my fourth go at him and really enjoyed working on his character. “Fear will rise and Willpower gather…” Ladies and Gents, Sinestro!

1: This is the first pass at a Sinestro head. I’m trying to find something to hang his portrait on, something a little different from the what’s been done before. I’m trying things out on the right side of his face. When Georg reviews the pix and lets me know if I headed in the right direction, I’ll move the approved stuff to the rest of his face.

2: Here’s the Master Wax head. For me, it was all about the mouth, and what that particular gesture did to the rest of his face. Since he would be leaning down a little,
hooding his eyes would give me a more menacing expression. I probably spent too much time on the ears, trying to make them a little more organic. A guy’s got to take his fun where he can get it.

3:This is the first pass at the torso. Elongating his torso and arms would hopefully indicate his overall, long, slender body type. The open collar was too a little too far out of character, so we closed it up some a little later.

4: Here’s the second pass at his torso. Just tightening and cleaning. Hand is just a dummy for position.

5: This is where a great art director can help you pull you head out of your ass. It’s all about trust. Georg thought his lowered left hand felt a little too relaxed and didn’t convey enough power and tension. I always try and put more tension and muscle strain in the arm/hand that’s directing the action. I thought I’d done that. But I could have doubled the muscles in his left arm and it still wouldn’t have done what raising the arm and changing the position of the fist and wrist did (which I did later). Thank you, G.

6 :Pix of the Master Wax of Sinestro’s torso. I went in after these pix were taken and fanned down the fingers of his right hand and turned his left fist in and up a little which meant resculpting the forearm.

7: Once I had his sculpt approved, I made molds, cast a set re resins to build the base to. The character of his energy needed to be different than Green Lantern’s. There’s a lot more action and movement with Sinestro’s which would offset Green Lantern’s more majestic imagery.

8: Sinestro is broken down into six parts: The base, the energy ball (two parts) and both of his hands and Sinestro. These are pix of the resin Tool Parts.

Paint Master: This is s set of pix of the Paint Master. There’s a couple of nice little touches. Some of that stuff you just do for your own amusement. A good many of us in the business are pretty easily amused.


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  2. Estimated Mr. Bruckner remains amazed by his work in this piece
    My teacher Martin Canale to see this work I expect day to have only 10 % of his talent already with it conform

    Regards from Argentina

    Jorge Copó

  3. wow, congratulations, very nice

  4. This is a great look into the creative process. Can't wait to get this statue in June!