Thursday, July 15, 2010


First, we want to thank everyone who participated in our contest. And not like a “oh, yeah, thanks” but a real “look you in the eye, shake your hand and offer to buy you a drink – thanks”.

On July 12, 2010, at 3:49 PM, Liza M. Martin was the first to send in correct guesses for all fifteen details. Some folks had a hard time identifying No. 11 and No. 12. Hell, if I didn’t sculpt them, I’d have hard time coming up with half of them.

Congratulations Liza! If you’ll send your address to, we’ll send you an autographed copy of the book as soon as we have them available, mid-October.

I picked fifteen of pieces I have a real fondness for, for one reason or another.

1: Of all of the nine Jim Lee Hush figures I did, Catwoman was my favorite. I can’t tell you why. The sculpt just came together. And the goggles were a cool touch.

2: My wife and I went to Italy some years ago, and I rediscovered my love of Mannerism after seeing some of it in person. When we got home, I did this piece, The Dance of O, in homage to that weird and wonderful style. I’d planned to do four pieces, but like all best laid plans… I had to make some dough.

3: This was a fun piece to do, with his pivot stomach and articulated jaw. Seems money can buy your kid a membership in a very exclusive intergalactic club. G’Nort.

4: I enjoyed the hell out of doing this piece. Not the least of which was being able to translate Mr. Ross’s wonderful design for the Joker. This was the first figure I was able to use the inverted ball joint, with the ball being on the end of sculpted neck, as opposed to the head being mounted on a ball that is part of the body. The arm articulation was a challenge in trying to get him into the pose Alex wanted while being able to adopt alternate poses.

5: I did four of these Hellboy busts for Dark Horse. Kate turned out to be a favorite. I liked her expression. This was the first line I got to use the pivot feature and employed is again on the Elf Quest busts.

6: I love the work of George Petty. I was lucky enough to do an Elvgren with Gil’s son, Drake’s blessing. The Petty estate was having none of it. So, I wondered what George would do with one of his girls adventuring in Outer Space. Here she is. The name, Major Marjorie is in homage to Petty’s daughter Marjorie, who was his model and muse for many years.

7: McKay is, for all intents and purposes, a portrait of Alex’s dad. Not often you get to sculpt a guy in a cardigan with a pocket protector.

8: There’s a great scene in the book, just before the Ghost of Christmas Present takes his leave of Scrooge. Scrooge sees some movement under the Ghost’s robe. He reveals an emaciated pair of kids. The Ghost tells Scrooge that these kids belong to mankind. “The girl is want. The boy is ignorance. Beware of them both, but in particular the boy.”

9: There were so many interesting things about this piece. Lots of problem solving. My wife modeled for Promethea’s knees. Nice knees, eh?

10: This is my take on Quasimodo with an obvious nod to Mr. Lon Chaney. The first time I saw it was at a revival house with organ accompaniment. So, cool.

11: Translating Ed McGuinness’ style was fun and he was so great to work with. And you got to love that flashy blue suit.

12: I’m a huge Todd Schorr fan. Getting to work with him on this piece was a pure joy.
Under Autumn’s Tentacled Spell.

13: I really liked this character from Red Son. I got to design the base. It reminded me of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis for some reason.

14: I ain’t kidding when I say that working on this Amano piece was an honor. And, a pain in the behind. Details! Details! Details! The smoke base was fun. This was the beginning of my clear cast resin phase. Vampire D.

15: Adam Hughes is one of my favorite living pop culture artist. A great designer. He’s got that same enviable ability to tell a full story in one frame, just like the Amazing Rockwell.


  1. Congrats to Ms. Martin! I think the reason most people had a hard time with #11 and #12 was because they don't seem to be on the Tim Bruckner website. I had to go to the Sculptors Corner to find Under Autumn's Tentacled Spell, and I made an educated guess on #11. For my part I missed #5. Great fun, though!

  2. these are all beautiful!!!

    The collected Gil Elvgren can now be bought off the Barnes and Noble bargain rack for like 10 bucks!!! A must have.