Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still Time to Enter the Name That Sculptor Contest!

No entries so far for the "Name That Sculptor" Contest, so we thought we'd give you guys another chance... and another hint! Because this Flash vs. Grodd statue is taking up a lot of room in Tim's studio, and he's been using it as a paperweight, but he'd rather send it to someone who knows their stuff.

Now, we'll admit that this may have been a hard contest. Ten tiny details to identify ten sculptures and the ten sculptors who sculpted them? Unfair! Well, we aren't going to give you any artist names, but we'll give you another full picture:

We'll also tell you that one of the pieces was not a mainstream release, but was only offered through the sculptor's Website. It's certainly a weird one. Really strange, you know? We can say no more. Or can we?


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  3. A hint on picture 9? You should have asked me on a FRIDAY...

  4. This is a super tough contest!
    Still missing a few of them!
    Any chance for another hint?