Friday, May 7, 2010


Silver Surfer would also come with not 2, but 3 (!) different portrait heads. (FIG. 11) One for each of the Surfer's emotions. These are the clay heads, keyed, but not yet transferred into wax for detailing. Not stopping there, Sideshow has given the collector a second set of arm options. I cast the two arms in resin to insure the keys would fit snuggly, and added cosmic dust trails to a pair. In the image of the part breakdown, (FIG 10) you can see the male-female epoxy keys. Later, a 5th, clenched fist arm would be provided

Sideshow had given me both of these projects around the same time, so it was great to be able to jump back and forth between them. It kept my eyes fresh. After a few days on one, I'd bounce onto the other piece. When I would go back to the first one, I'd see it with a fresh pair of eyeballs.

Here is Gambit, slightly farther along. ( FIG. 12 ) The Photoshop notes you see on the photos (FIG. 13 and 14) are questions or notes I have for the client. It's a great system when you work with a company on the other coast!

Ok...wrapping up the Surfer now. I gave them a 5th arm, cast the three portraits into hard toy wax, and finished up the cosmic dust trails. For the texture on the dust, (FIG.15/16) I mixed up some white Elmer's glue, and simply poured in some play sand form the kid's sandbox in the yard. Woooo!!! It dries clear and gives a nice effect. Sideshow cast the dust arms and base in clear, purplish resin so the effect is pretty cool. I also pulled up the dust trail to come off his foot. This gives added support to the key and hides the key slightly. When finishing a figure in Super Sculpey, I use a very rough grit sandpaper at first to knock down all the Dremel marks. Then progress to a finer grit. Then I use drywall sanding screen in a circular motion. Finally I use 3M brand sanding pads...and lastly, a fine steel wool with a little water. I find that Super Sculpey, when sanded properly, can give you as smooth a finish as any wax.

The portraits have been cast into a hard toy wax for better detail. (FIG.17/18/19)

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  1. More great info from a super nice guy these pieces look awesome!!! I hope they get you to do more for them