Friday, May 14, 2010


Finally, here is everyone's favorite Cajun... all ready for his close-ups. (FIG. 20/21/22/23)

This piece was a hell of a lot of fun to finish up. I experimented with materials I don't normally use, like styrene & brass.

Both portraits were done in wax, as were the gloves, hair and boots. I carefully cut out a bunch of small rectangular shapes to add to his legs and arms. Tough to see in the images, but these little orange strips are textured. Even though the detailing of the arms will be completely obscured by his coat, I wanted to give this 100% and not cut corners. I cast a resin copy of his left hand, and added two different sets of playing cards. On the 'regular version', the hand will hold a single card. On the Sideshow Exclusive version, he will come with an extra hand, holding several splayed out cards which are being charged with his trademark kinetic energy. Both versions come with the interchangeable portraits. The little stripes on the 'classic' version's chest are also tiny strips of styrene for depth

And here's the final product. The Sideshow in-house team created this incredible trench coat for this figure. From my understanding, it has wire imbedded into the outer edges so that even the coat can be positioned ( blowing in the wind) !!!

I hope that this demo helps some of the youngins' out there. What I would not have given to have a book like this 20 years ago!!!!

Please support the efforts of Tim, Zach and Ruben on this book. I know my copy will be dog eared in no time & always within reach . This is going to be the toy industry sculpting bible, folks. Don't miss it. 2. Study it. Caress it. Don't set your coffee mug on it! Read it under your covers with a flashlight.... If it does well, maybe we can talk them into Volume 2!!!! HOOOOO HA!



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