Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Have a Winnah!

A month or so back, we came up with a contest -- okay, a method of psychological torture -- that required entrants to identify ten different sculptures by ten different sculptors. After a couple of weeks, and a whole bunch of hints, we have three winners! Aaron Coulter of Ontario and Marty Henley of Tennessee are our runners-up, and they both win posters of Pop Sculpture co-author Tim Bruckner's favorite sculpted faces. But the grand-prize winner is Elton Chu of Illinois! He wins the Tim-sculpted statue of The Flash and Gorilla Grodd, designed by the late Michael Turner! Hooray! We'll get those right out to you, guys. And in case the rest of you are curious, here are the answers:

1. Jack Mathews - Black Canary, DC Direct

2. Tony Cipriano - Kull, Dark Horse Deluxe

3. The Four Horsemen - Beast-Man, Mattel

4. Karen Palinko - Aquaman (Kingdom Come), DC Direct

5. William Paquet - Marv, Sin City, Dynamic Forces

6. Alterton Bizarre - Drakkar, Alterton Bizarre Sculpting Studio

7. Ruben Procopio - Prince Valiant, Electric Tiki/Sideshow Collectibles

8. Jonathan Matthews - Illidan Stormrage, DC Unlimited

9. Kyle Windrix - Jason Voorhees, NECA

10. Tim Bruckner - Moon Maid, ReelArt/Dark Horse Deluxe

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