Monday, January 30, 2012

A Monster, in Miniature

If you've admired Tim Bruckner's model kits from afar, but never felt you had the space or money to get one, there's a new reason for you to visit the Tim Bruckner Shop. Hot on the heels of his "Ode to Joy" miniaturization, Tim has shrunk down yet another of his kits to make it more affordable and less voluminous. The original Monster kit, inspired by the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein, stands 12.5 inches tall with its base, but the new mini Monster kit stands only 5.75 inches tall, with all of the same detail! Additionally, Tim has made a slight modification to the sculpt, wrenching free one of the Monster's neck bolts and leaving behind a knot of twisted wires. So whether you'll be painting it or simply admiring the sculpt au naturel, head on over to to get one today!