Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Release and Sculpting Contest!

We probably should have posted something yesterday, but Pop Sculpture officially came out on October 19th, which means you no longer have to pre-order the book -- you can simply order it! Here's a variety of American outlets you can order it from, although we're still trying to resolve a glitch at Amazon. Amazon U.K. has it listed just fine... buuuut it doesn't officially come out in the U.K. until December. (Amazon Japan, on the other hand, has it now!)

Anyway, we've been sending it out to people we respect in this industry, and we've gotten mentions from Topless Robot, Agent_M, Michael Crawford, I Heart Chaos, and ToyFare magazine! Plus, Spectrum has done a full flip-through that will give you a thumbnail view of the whole shebang:

But the big news is that, to tie in to the release of the book, Tim and I will be acting as judges in the Comiquette Challenge sculpting competition at! It's a comic book-centric challenge, open to sculptors of any age and skill level, and the prizes are signed copies of Pop Sculpture! Sign up now and start sculpting! Unless you need the book to do that, in which case buy the book, start sculpting, win another copy and give it to a friend! It's just that easy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is third version of He Who Laughs Last. The first one was completed in the early 90's, the second in 2001 and this one finished on 10/15/10. Sometimes it takes awhile to understand what you're trying to do with a piece. After a couple of decades, I think I finally get this one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Some years ago, I did a poster of Spectrum, "Call for Entries". I asked Arnie Fenner if I could have another go at one for this year's poster. I've always been a big fan of early black and white animation and thought it would be cool to create a poster as if it were a playbill for a old-time cartoon. This is what I came up with. With the delicacy of thistle down, Arnie let me know that it was a little too outside of the box and maybe I should have another go at next year's poster. He's right, its too weird for the room, unless the room is padded. Check out the wonderful book review Spectrum gave us. Thanks Arnie, Kathy and Arlo!

Monday, October 11, 2010

NYCC Wrap-Up and Our First Review!

The signing at New York Comic-Con was a great success! I signed a dozen or so books on Saturday, and I know people bought more, because I sent one guy to the shop across the aisle to get one and he never came back for me to sign it! The Watson-Guptill/Random House people were so nice, and I picked up a couple of Max Collins' zombie books while I was at the booth. The basket of pins I put out during the signing was almost completely tapped by the end, so check the lapels and satchels of any attendees you run into! I signed a few extra copies at the show, and if they didn't sell on Sunday, they'll end up back at the store that handled the sales, Word in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Look for them there! And, of course, unsigned copies are available for pre-order at a bunch of places, although they won't ship until the 19th.

Also, we've gotten our first official review! Master toy reviewer Michael Crawford has reviewed the book and given it four stars! It must be because of our 238 points of articulation.