Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hot Wax Weekend! Giles + Pop Sculpture = Savings

By now, readers of Pop Sculpture know that Tim Bruckner uses the Giles Precision Waxer for all of his wax work. And since we were kind enough to plug their product throughout the book, Giles Studio wants to repay the favor!

Giles is offering Pop Sculpture fans an unprecedented 30% discount on their waxers. Mention "Sculp-Tor" (the Pop Sculpture mascot) and you can get the standard unit that Tim uses in the book for only $94.40. And the industrial version (with no switch on the pen) is only $92.40. Each version comes with three different tips, but you can also order a special "Pop Sculpture Set" of five bonus tips, which we've been told are perfect for sculpting action figures, for only $40 extra.

UPS shipping runs from $6 to 9, so e-mail your order to and they'll hit you back with your total. This offer is only good until November 11, 2011! 

UPDATE: International orders need a 220-volt version, which costs a little extra: $115. You should also expect to pay a little bit more in shipping.


  1. great stuff. might take advantage of this. is this available to people who live in the UK too?

  2. Yes, but you will need the 220 volt version, which costs a little extra ($115).

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  4. I just got in on this deal. thanks ALOT for posting this information! my wax pen a foredom wax carver just stopped working after only 2 years. it cost me 200 dollars ontop of that! so when i seen this i jumped at the chance to get a GOOD wax pen for a great deal.. i wouldnt recommend ANYONE buying a foredom however. a 100 bucks for a year of service? and the tips wasnt good at all, i struggled with them
    plus i didnt even USE the pen that much.
    i only had a limited time to work with it due to personal issues, so its not like i used it day and night. i trust Tim so i know the wax pen will be amazing when it finally gets here :)

  5. I did some research and found out this is the best brand to get.I don't get why there is two versions,the industrial doesn't get hot during long use, so why not just have that as the only model?.But the industrial seems to have a thicker handle, so im assuming more cumbersome?And that's why people pick standard? I don't get it

    1. I sculpted for Varner inc. back in the Ninja Turtle days and I can say the aluminum pen with the switch on the stick (standard) is a big bonus 6 hours into a work day...

  6. Thank you for posting this offer! This is much appreciated as I was shopping around for the Giles Wax Pen and I never imagined I would be fortunate to receive an affordable deal like this. Thank you so much for a well written book. I am so motivated by reading it and have not only discovered a new passion, but it also gives me a new perspective and newfound respect for statues, sculptures and action figures. Thanks so much for everything!!